Saturday, February 5, 2011

Couch Tantrum? Pt. 2

Ah, yes. I remember why I don't write.

In honor of this revelation, the format and title of this blog will soon be changing.

Movie Idea I

This Movie is set in the afterlife. Heaven, sort of.

The basic idea is once you die your soul is transported to a second life (you know...afterlife.) The twist is that everyone's soul is also transported to the same afterlife, like there is a Heaven and everyone goes to the same one regardless of religion. In this afterlife, no one dies (or can die) so the second-existence-universe is comprised of every person and animal that ever lived.

Comedy: The movie focuses on the everyday (not so much everyday, there is no sky/sun/stars in this universe so no time, technically) afterlife of a recently deceased 21st century man. The movie follows his afterlife while explaining how a universe made up of everyone who ever lived manages to exist. How would Adolf Hitler and George Washington interact in the same universe? Jim Morrison and Nikola Tesla? James Brown and a Terror Bird? An infinite amount of new friendships could be made and lost.

Oh, and it could be animated, you know, for children.

Advertising Idea I

This winter is no different than any other: cold, wet and annoying. This is normal and nothing to get worked-up about. However, sidewalks everywhere are unusable. During the winter, sidewalks become sheets of ice layered with dirty snow. It's quite unfortunate.

Walking is a major part of my day. Going to class, going to my car, eating, it all requires me to ice skate through Hoth, and I'm tired of it.

I'm confident that I'm not the only person fed up with unmanageable pathways. So, the plan is to convince a college (or town) to heavily invest in either a skilled snow removal team (as in, does more than throw shovelfuls of salt randomly) or heated sidewalks. 

Heated sidewalks are key. If a college takes the time to invest in heated sidewalks it would show dedication to the well-being of students, especially in the winter. Depending on the layout of campus, the sidewalks could also help to avoid snowdays (giving you more classes for your money) by always keeping a clear path (at least for walkers).

I feel the ability to be out-and-about in the winter is often overlooked and is an area with great potential if somebody actually focused on it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Couch Tantrum?

I wanted a blog title that truly epitomized what I plan on posting. Dozens of names were attempted, but most of them were already taken or had become vague shells of what I originally intended. I guess that's my fault though, getting to this blogging thing so late and all.

The name "Couch Tantrums" comes from a routine I used to act out in front of my parents. Life was rough from the ages of 4 - 8, and a couch tantrum was generally a good way of getting something I "needed." 

You may be asking, "well, how did it work?"

It was really quite simple. Although, I should partially thank my parents soft-spot for some of my success. It went as follows: I would wait until my parents were both watching television, walk into the living room and fall face-first onto the couch.

The couch is where the magic happened. As soon I hit the couch I would start flopping and flailing as wildly as I could, at the same time I would cover my ears and begin begging for whatever. Usual targets included: renting a movie or video game, ordering pizza, grilling, or having a sleepover. Once I felt I had said all I could, I would slowly uncover my ears and lay motionless, anticipating my parents response.  

Depending on the quality of the performance, it would typically work. The largest tantrum to date is the '99 Pokemon Stadium performance. The tantrum went on for months and  had many encores. Even now I can still remember getting my Toys-R-Us reservation slip.

However, this site will be nothing like that. Sort of. But not really.